[ the usual suspects ] GETTING IT TOGETHER

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20 days my ass. I had more like seven. Mainly because someone -- I never knew who -- dropped out at the last minute, and my reputation as someone with too much time on her hands precedes me.

I'm not much of an art person. I like to send postcards. I thought someone else was probably doing something postcard-like. I have a hang-up about being unique. This causes me to overthink problems like this.

I am also one of those people who thinks she has no real talent and whose friends argue the point with her repeatedly. I should probably learn something from this, but I just think my friends are as obstinate and stubborn [although more talented, much more] as I am.

Two areas in which I have interests and think I can sustain interest: libraries and storytelling. This project would be an amalgam of both.

I started thinking books books books. I asked for advice. I wanted to make a little book of some sort, because even if everyone made little books, I would be delighted. Advice rolled in. Bookmarks, stories, poems, library themes, ISBN numbers, stickers, etc. I settled on a few major themes and then started to get practical.

I live about 20 minutes from any sort of store, so getting materials once and then hunkering down and working was of the essence. Making do with what was around was also important. Trying out new stuff was also critical for the High Drama Factor.