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[ bookmarks, color side]

[poems, ready to go]

[bookmarks, black and white side]

The poems are all in a list here, in case you suspect that you got a bad one. They are all different and all very short. they are typed on the back of some pages in some old French books that came with my barn when I bought this house. You can read more Brautigan here, if he interests you.

Barthelme is a favorite of mine and I used three of his stories: Zombies, Baby and Letter The stories had to be interesting, as well as fit on one side of a standard sheet of paper without being completely illegible. Please note that I have 20/20 vision so if the font wound up being too small, it was inadvertent and I apologize.

The wheatpaste recipe came from this DIY site. We here at Jessamyn Labs would never advocate illegal blah blah blah...

I made that sponge stamp myself for the covers but I suppose that surprises no one. The covers, as you may suspect, are the tops of the little books that I cut off when I re-read the rules and realized my project was exceeding size limitations. I punched holes in them with a hammer and nails. The string was lying around someplace.

The bookplates were a another small engineering feat. Went to Montpelier, borrowed a scanner, scanned the B&W images from this book of Russian poetry I'd found in an abandoned house, emailed myself the images, photoshopped them into bookplate format, along with another bookplate image I'd found online. Did the ftp shuffle to and from Seattle to get the images to the PC. Printed. Returned to copy shop in Montpelier to make the transfer to sticker paper. Slice slice slice. I went through many exacto knife blades.

I also pressed some lilacs and tossed them in for scent since the rubber cement made the whole thing smell like Silly Putty. The lilacs weren't enough so I turned the drying rack into a scenter and lit some incense under the little books and covered it with a cloth. I think they smell nice and woodsy, you may think they smell like hippies but I hope we both agree they don't smell like rubber.

What else can I say? I coded this page using pico, drank a lot of Green Mountain Coffee, and took all the photos with one of those Canon sameaseveryoneelse jobbers. The typewriter is a trusy Royal Quiet Deluxe and has served me well.

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, you can email me here.