[welcoming 2001]

[reflected fire] [silver is the color of celebration]
So, what did you do New Year's Eve?

Well, I had dinner with some friends of mine and we ate baklava and couscous and rotisseried meats until we could no longer move. Then I got on the bus and headed to Capitol Hill. I met up with some friends from work and some friends from the bookstore and some friends from around town. There were people in monkey suits [you know the movie 2001] and spaceman suits and lots of miscellaneous cosumes. I was wearing an Odd Fellows robe and had made some monolith magnets for the occasion. The monolith did not make an appearance, elusive bastard.

Then the Infernal Noise Brigade arrived on the scene and made some of their oh-so-lovely noise The crowd was reaching several hundred people by this time and starting to get fidgety. Lots of people with megaphones. Chupacabra Police in full effect. Seattle police on the perimeter, and their portable pokey van.


[blah blah blah] [mister photogenic man]