[welcoming 2001]

[fire eating girl] [drink, drum, burn]
Then the parade really began in earnest. Up Broadway. Down Broadway. Down that street [Pike? Pine?] with police escorts all the way. Megaphones and mayhem and the kids in black and the people in costume and nasty bags of wine passed around. Large turnouts from people at both places I work. I had a noisemaker shaker thing around my wrist that I shook with aplomb until my hand was sore. I saw my magnets gracing some of the cop cars.

We got to the intersection of First and Pike and someone announced that the police had confiscated the monilith. Truth? Fiction? Who knew. Who cared. The true monolith still remains standing, at least as far as I've heard. People submitted their burnables to a great pile in the middle of the street and it was lit at midnight. The band played while the streets blazed and drunken revelers jumped through the fire.


[burn dance play] [*!*!*!*]