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Monthly Archives: March 2011

the long dark teatime of tech support aka the bbq hangover

So I was gone to Texas for a week. I had a terrific time. My panel went well, my panelists were wonderful. You can read the notes over on The best part of the whole thing, besides being a small part of what The Atlantic called “The Year of the Librarian” at SXSW, was […]

bending towards spring

I wrote a post about the Digital Public Library of America over on, you can go read it there. It may not make too much sense if you don’t do some of the linked reading but hopefully you’ll get an idea of what it was about. This week continues the travel thing, down to […]

some library anecdotes

I went down to my dad’s for ten days to look after the place while he went and got some sun in Mexico. It was a pretty good time. Jim came down and we walked on the winter beach. My sister and boyfriend came down and we all had a big dinner with Jim’s son […]