Day 1

Jack's Daily Excerpt: I'm writing this in the Adult Day Room: open 0600-2400, no minors allowed. I'm settling down to do some serious note-taking and couldn't resist the temptations of the Acorto 994 Espresso/Cappuccino machine. So I've got my Double Caffe Latte ($2.00) and I'm pretty happy and the mountains are starting to get seriously huge and the only discordant note is the punker chick from the Solarium poking through "The Sting" on the piano that's here in the Adult Day Room for no reason other than to make it impossible to "read, write, or have quiet conversation" as directed by the three distinct signs on the three different entrances, each of which also has a push sign on the outside and a pull sign on the inside even though they all swing in both directions.

trip logleave Bellingham 17:30
weatherclear and mild
# of passengers214
Scrabble totalsJessamyn427
repair log snippetslow shower room #171
factoidthe MVMalaspina was lengthened to 408 feet in 1972 by cutting it in half and inserting 56 feet

Day 2