[yukon ho!]

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[engine room with all of us] This is when we went down to the engine room. We were all wearing substanial hearing protection, so as the engineer pointed out various things, we would see his lips move, and smile and nod, but couldn't hear a damned thing he said. As a result, I may have a misguided idea of what the pictures are of, but this one is definitely me, Kate and Todd.
And this one is definitely me, standing in front of where I think he said they keep the torpedoes. [me, etc]
[dead slow] Damn the torpedoes, etc. etc.
This is what it looks like, a doormat rigged up with string to either keep grease on or off the shaft that drives the propeller, I forget which. [doormat]
[vroom vroom] This was one big freaking engine.