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up and down and up

So it’s been a set of months. I did go to London which was great, but I’ve spent most of the rest of the time dealing with variants on a “My sinuses hate me and the feeling is mutual” theme. I’m not even better but I’m at the point where I’m not taking Advil every […]

a few words from the other jessamyn

“I hate to hear myself. I never listen to an interview. I don’t sound like the person I think I am.” – Jessamyn West interviewed for the Paris Review, 1977 Totally forgot one of the things I wanted to add last time I typed in this box. WNYC has an Archives and Preservation department. They […]

oh yeah, about that book

It’s finished! Well by finished I mean I sent it off to the editor and expect to not hear about it for a while. So, from the time my [soon to be] editor wrote to me saying “I’m an acquisitions editor … and I’m looking for someone to write a book on technology and rural […]

google is sending me a t-shirt

Because there’s nothing like an apology that comes straight from the marketing team. But really, I’m happy it’s straightened out and a little freaked out that I was 100% sure that this was how it was going to play out. It’s the most useless sort of psychic ability. The song and a little story about […]

the most boring people in the world are writing books

I swore I was only going to write here again when I explained how the town finally got out of the lake, but it’s there still and I had a few things to say. First, yeah wow, I’m a little surprised that it takes this long to correct an obvious map error, but that’s sort […]

no particular place to go

As is typical, I’m back from a short trip [quickie hello Boston!]. I went to the gym to get some exercise and now I have the sniffles. Sometimes I wonder if I am just allergic to my home and have only a subconscious understanding of this and that’s why I travel so much. Or I […]