You know how when you just get back from vacation and you can't wait to tell everyone about all the cool stuff you did and then after a few re-tellings of stuff you wind up condensing everything into sound bytes that sound disingenuous even as you're saying them? Well, I want to sum up some barn facts now before the thrill wears off...

Q: So, you bought the farm, huh?
A: Yes, as of 9/26/97.

Q: How did you find this place?
A: My friend Michael lives in it and married a woman from Norway and they're moving to Norway. I had visited him there a few years ago and said "If you ever move, let me know" so he emailed me to say he was leaving the country.

Q: Who do you know in Vermont?
A: Well, no one once Michael leaves, but it's close to most of my family and a lot of my college friends and I've always kind of liked Vermont.

Q: What's wrong with Seattle, huh?
A: Nothing, it's about as nice as a city can get but I don't think I want to live in a city forever and this opportunity presented itself to me and it made sense to jump on it.

Q: When are you leaving?
A: I'm not. I like living in both places. Unless I get a library job in Vermont, then I'd move immeidately.

Q: Who's going to live there in the meantime?
A: There's hippies living there now and I'll be there September Through December 1999.

Q: Where exactly are you moving?
A: A village called West Topsham in the township of Topsham about 15-20 minutes east of Montpelier. It's in Orange County, VT.

Q: How much did it cost, if you don't mind my asking?
A: $75,000 for the whole deal.

Q: What does that include?
A: A lesbian-built house with a deck, a 100 year old four story barn, 30 acres of land, a Saab [now defunct], maple sugaring equipment and ten bookshelves.

Q: What are you going to do out there?
A: Fixit projects, get a dog, possibly some librarianship. Hard to say.

Q: Do you want visitors out there, or is this some sort of Hermit Quest?
A: I would love visitors, especially ones that can help with projects.

any other barn comments or questions?

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