T H E S E    A R E    J U S T     P I C T U R E S

M Y    E V E N I N G    W I T H    D A V I D   E G G E R S

[Iceland! the box was made in Iceland! don't you get it?] FIG 1:

"Yes we did refund the money to Might's lifetime subscribers"

[I look so much like a gap ad that it is not even funny, but it's an *ironic* gap ad...]

FIG 2:

"Is there a doctor in the house? Can you tell me why my legs hurt when I wake up in the morning?"

[this is all going terribly terribly well]

FIG 3:

reading to banjo and spoons played by the bookstore employees. the man on the right is singing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey except that he does not know the tune and is singing it as if it were a bluegrass song.

[watching blonde girls say fuck is my favorite part of this whole job

FIG 4:

my friend gretchen got to read part of the chapter where the main character says "fuck" a lot, this was mildly embarassing to her but she did a great job

[sorry for the low eggers content on this photo]

FIG 5:

this woman removed her panties and tossed them onstage where they were more or less ignored. we watched her the whole rest of the night; she is wearing a very short miniskirt. that is why there are no more pictures.