Tattooed? Librarian?

I'm not sure how this came up, but I was emailing Chris Dodge and he suggested a tattooed librarian web page. I then got what my Mom might call a wild hair up my ass about it and decided to really go out and do it.

I get a few hits, esp. from librarians due to my naked librarian page and of course all my friends and cyberfriends. I'm also a big tattoo fan, have two of my own, and really got jazzed about the Internet by reading the Body Modification e-zine

I'm not 100% sure what this page is going to look like, but I am interested in pictures, brief bio data [what library you work in, personal philosophy, why librarianship, whatever] and a link back to your page, your email or your library. Email stuff to me, everything is as confidential as you want it. If you don't have digital pix, I will return any pictures sent with a SASE. See my resume for my address and my librarian cred.

I'm aiming to get the page up in early March [ed note: ha ha ha], since I want to have some images to start with and I need to write some articles for the Encyclcopdia of Religion in American Politics in the meantime.

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