I just realized today, 4/8/97, that nowhere on my set of pages do I say much about who I am and what I do. Granted you can find some of this out obliquely by reading my journal, resume or peeking at my apartment, but that doesn't give you a lot of background. So, in the glorious tradition of web pages, here's me...

picture of me today
This is what I look like today

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and expect one day to return to a small town. I went to Hampshire College and studied linguistics. I have a never-ending fascination with semantics. I just got my Master's Degree in Library Science which got bent in half by the mailman in its Do Not Bend envelope. I subscribe to a newsgroup called alt.posessive.its.has.no.apostrophe.

I don't much describe myself by my occupations, but lately they describe me well. I teach classes in basic computer and internet skills to ESL students at Seattle Public Library as a volunteer. I was a VISTA volunteer there but I quit. I am a contractor with the City of Seattle and I go to the City's Family Centers and do low-tech maintenance, instruction and handholding with the public computers and the public. My business is called Spaz Solutions and I wish I'd thought of that name but I didn't. When I got my business license, the woman in the licensing office told me that my business ID number had a lot of sevens in it which was portentious because seven is the symbol of heaven. The job sounds highfalutin' but it's not. Lastly, I am the caretaker of the Odd Fellows Hall in Ballard. I lock and unlock doors, clean the place and tend to the aging building. This job pleases my soul and pays my rent.

my tattoo looks like this

I used to share the Odd Fellows job with my husband Jack. He's moved out, and I've stayed. That's a whole 'nother kettle of fish that's better off being explained once it's more in the past. He still does some of the work cuz he's a good guy. We have a marriage that delights me, at least so far, yet I'm also single. You do the math.

I built my own closet, my bedroom has no windows, I love the color combination of this page, and I fear the dentist more than the apocalypse. I fiercely love my good friends, small dogs and warm dark silence. I want to be a country librarian but don't know if I can hack the hours. I can not motivate myself to go food shopping or charge my car battery. I read a lot. I wish more people that I knew had pages like this so I could increase my knowledge of them. I am hungry for knowledge.

feel free to peruse for more