Okay, I guess I should update this page every year or so.... Here's where to find the page that used to be here which has more background information, this is just the new looseleaf update.

me today I took a new picture of myself and it's really odd how much it looks like the one from last year... I'm not even really this serious or face grabbing in my life ever but I guess I photograph this way. This is the page to check out if you're curious about what my deal is, though I'm not sure I could tell you myself.

I live in Seattle & I own a house in Vermont. The house is currently [as of yesterday] being caretaken by my husband Jack. We're married but don't live together and I'm more likely to introduce him as my brother than my husband. He's got a girlfriend and I have sufficient intrigue in my life to be happy with what I've got. Here's a bit more information about our weird marriage.

My gig in Seattle is thus: I caretake a lodge hall in Ballard and I get free rent, a small salary and a lodge hall to borrow when I want. In the interests of sharing some of this incredible fortune, I have parties pretty much every month. I'm not much of a party girl but the parties are fun, often theme-oriented, and a way for me to keep in touch with my many friends and acquaintances. I was sober for about six years up until last February and my year of drinking has caused me no ill effects. I have declared 1998 to be the Year of Let it Be which means that I am making a real effort to try and accept what is given in my life as it comes and not try to furiously micromanage everything as is often m y predilection. So far I am doing pretty well.

[me and P/Zesto] In the last few months I have been sharing my house with a cat named P/Zesto. She is completely inscrutable to me and I think had a bad life be fore she came into my house. If I ever entertained the thought of wanting children, having a cat has cured me of that 100%. People tell me I would be a good mother as if that alone is a reason to procreate.

My web pages get about 200 hits a week but my email traffic stays reasonable. I don't want to become one of those people who has more real life existing in bits and bytes than in the world outside my computer. I try to stay on top of the world of libraria nship in case I want to return to it one day, but the more I reside at the Odd Fellows Hall, the more I lose touch with and lose interest in the workaday world.

Those of you who know me personally may be happy to learn that I no longer sleep on my couch.

There's more, there's always more...