me today, or tonight, or whatever

There were some pages that used to be here, they are here and here

This is the small page that is style-poor but substance rich. It compensates -- hopefully -- for the bells and whistles that are and now I check in with myself once a year or so and update this page.

I am a cat owning librarian right now but that will all change.

The librarian gig is up in June, the cat will get cat-sat while I am taking some hardcore R&R in Vermont from September through December this year. No, I don't know when I'm going to move there for good. I am having a New Year's party called the Billediub and you are invited.

This year I made a mistake and got involved with a non-profit in over my head. I didn't want to save the world or anything, just make stuff more organized. It took over my life and only now am I beginning to sleep past 9 am again. It's not being 30, you see, it's this blankety blank non-profit. I'll be fine, really.... I'm sorry in advance if it makes me boring at parties.

I'm also busy because I have a long distance paramour who I usually refer to as The Excellent Houseguest. He's in San Fran and so I am too once every other month or so. Just one other aspect of my weirdness is that this relationship -- this one in particular as well as this style of relating -- is just perfect for me. Len's smiley and a lot of fun, but this isn't about him.

i make this face a lot lately I still love the Odd Fellows Hall that I live in, though I can foresee it getting old, even with the free rent and the parties of epic proportions. I have hippies living in the Vermont place and they are putting in a garden. Gardening sounds nice right about now.

I may be spending a bit too much time on the computer lately. I do some freelance research and web design work, specifically for I'm still sorting out my feelings on this issue, but for now it pays well and lets me have free time to work in a lefty bookstore Mondays. My boss is nice and the work is either interesting or easy. However, everything with them is ASAP ASAP ASAP. I can't really relate. I say "no" a lot and they seem to not mind. Maybe people rarely put them in their place.

In the last year I've re-learned how to silkscreen and am considering getting a hot glue gun to create a giant button mural outside of my window. I live in a cave, I need a reason to go to the window. I have a reasonable living arrangement with my cat who finds a new place to sleep like clockwork every two weeks. We are both lazy and we like to lie around a lot, it works.

Someone sent me email today asking if I was a Christian and I simply wrote back "no" [a recurring theme today?]. I still have not found that being raised without religion has caused me any hardship at all. Incidentally, I am still married and now so is my dad. I now hardly hear from him at all but when I do he sure sounds happy. I am looking forward to being near my family for more than a single week this fall. Anyone who wants to can come and visit. Already I am looking forward to Vermont company.

There's more where this came from.