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Hmm, I really meant to do more to keep this page updated. Then September 11th happened, I updated the page once, then dropped off the map. No one reads it much, and I have a faq now [you may notice a resemblance], but I still feel like it's good to have a "where am I right now" little piece on the site. It's been fun to watch my design skills improve with each iteration of this page.

I do a lot more writing for work/pay now, so sitting in front of the keyboard doesn't have quite the same fun-feeling as it did when I was just a web nerd and sometimes librarian. That said, I feel like my style and delivery have improved and I'm more likely to look back at things I have written without wincing.

I am still in that icky in-between jobs thing, but as long as I can pay my bills, I don't worry too much about it. My first book that I co-edited came out in this past month and I seem to be writing something nearly every month. I have four professional "speaking engagements" this year, and a few of them actually pay. I think I spend a bit too much time at the computer, but I give myself as break as long as I am creating content and not just passively surfing. This may be the year I went normal, if you count a normal relationship, a normal place to live and a normal professional life as normal. I'm still not sure I do. But I never feel normal, never have.

I am still switching back and forth between coasts. My live-in and boyfriend Greg is going to law school in Vermont starting in the Fall. When I was in Seattle last time, even though I had a good time, I missed him terribly, so I have been renewing my efforts to get something like regular work out here. The thought of staying here over the Winter still freaks me out though. I'm in Vermont til November this year, maybe longer.

I still send and receive a lot of mail. I still live low on the food chain, consumption-wise. I still travel a lot and keep in touch with a lot of people. I'm still reading a lot of books and learning new things [new this year: RSS, Basque history, African geography]. I've been trying to get along better with my family whch has been an uphill battle but I think I'm doing okay. One of the reasons I haven't updated this page is because in many ways what I have to say is "more of the same."

Also, since I'm safely in my mid-thirties, I've been feeling a bit more mortal. I had a health scare which I think is okay but I could possibly wake up one morning with no peripheral vision and need some head surgery. Not a day goes by when I don't think about that. I've always been a bit on the morbid side, but having an honest-to-god malady is a different animal altogether.

There's other places on the site to get more info. The index is a good place to start. Send me some email if you have questions or comments.