taken just right 'round midnight
figured you'd need to see the hair at some point


Lately I've been dealing with the new absence of my hippie crush

Lately I've been reading a lot of female beat poetry

Lately I've been thinking I should do more art

Lately I've been planning my party

Lately I've been saying "when I move to Vermont" like I mean it

Lately I've had more trouble being alone

Lately I've felt the Spirit Move Me

Lately I hardly want to eat at all

Lately I've been up late and up early

Lately I've been glued to my keyboard, with good results

Lately I've been disturbed by roaches

Lately I find it hard to remember that a good bath works wonders

Lately I'm itching for a cigarette

Lately I miss the angry young girl I used to be

Lately I just sits and stares

Spoke to my good friend Lauren Willis tonight who would have talked to me longer but Rich Andelman was visiting. Like visiting visiting. You know. I want her to caretake my place in Vermont and get out of her hectic rat race. She wants advice from me about leaving the rat race. I can help

The Odd Fellows Hall has roaches because I don't clean well enough. A Classic Karmic Example.

I managed to spill some of everything I ingested today on my nice white shirt. I should try to be less attached to things like whiteness, but it pains me to stain it nonetheless.

I need to bathe and soften up the plantars warts on my fingers. I've had them since college and figured I'd rather have them than endure the pain of getting them burned off. I'm usually good with pain

I'm contemplating another piercing. This would give me four on one side, four on the other and one in the middle. I like balance.

now, update yours