Ballard, Washington

OddStock II

For Immediate Release
July 15, 1997

Phil Tiso:
Jessamyn West: contact

Ballard -- OddSummerStock will be held.

OddSummerStock will be held at the Ballard Oddfellows Hall at 8:00 p.m. on Friday August 1, 1997. There will be live music, writers reading their work and two open mike sessions. Everyone is invited to perform or simply enjoy the performances.

Audience members will be treated to immensely talented performers sharing their works. Some of the work shared will be art in progress, while other pieces will be finely honed artistic masterpieces. There is no admission fee for th is event, nor will cash donations be accepted.

This artistic extravaganza is part of a bigger series, the famous "Rent is Theft" monthly party. OddSummerStock is the Rent is Theft event for both July and August. As a result, bring twice the amount of beer you would normally bring. Ch ips, salsa, cake, coffee, Hi-C, tacos, pizza, celery and the like are all welcome contributions. Let no one come empty handed.

There is no obligation to perform, only to come and have a good time. Remember, art is the middle word in party.