[say millenium with a stuffy nose, get it?]

Dates: when you want to come til when you want to leave

Accomodations: some space in the house, more in town. How cozy do you want to be? Attempts will be made to provide room & board.

Street Address: 138 Route 302 West Topsham VT 05086
[approximate map and directions]

Postal Address: PO Box 14 West Topsham VT 05086

Phone number: 802.439.6031

RSVP: requested

More specifically...

The well is gravity fed, the stove runs on propane, the main road is always plowed, the woodstove is, well, a woodstove and there's plenty of candles.

People will be arriving from points south mainly, let me know if you need to carpool. Everyone is welcome, invite your friends.

I'm expecting about 10-15 people. There will be places for everyone to sleep as long as you're not too picky. Bringing an extra sleeping bag or blankets will guarantee you don't sleep under anything that may have been a dog bed in a previous life.

BYO libations. There will be plenty of Wildberry Champagne and some beer on hand. Shop before you get here, the nearest store is about five miles away. The nearest ATM, about ten miles in the other direction.

There is plenty of reading material, sleds and snowshoes, and a lot of board games. No TV, a few computers. No nightlife.

There is one bathroom and no shower, just a tub, be prepared to be cool

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