millenium with a stuffy nose, get it?]

There are about 15-20 people coming.
If you want to do a little research, here's some web links:

  • Lauren is coming from DC, where she just moved from Baltimore I have known her since high school, she has no web page.
  • Her Aunt Nancy does, though she is bringing someone named Ellen who I have never met
  • There is a picture of my college buddy Dan on my web page, but he has no web page. His girlfriend Kathy is also coming, but I have no picture of her
  • Dan used to live with Dave and Tex.
  • Also from Hampshire is my other friend Dan [seated, in this pic]. He is in a band called Abunai!
  • Matthew and Michelle are coming from western MA and also just moved from Seattle. No web presence.
  • Michael is also coming from Boston but he is from Australia. I have never met him.
  • Sophi and Kristen round out the Boston contingent. They moved out here recently from Seattle but I also went to high school with Sophi. Kristen is the one with the homepage, but you can spot Sophi there as well.
  • From points west, we have Katia, a rad librarian and her boyfriend Brian who I don't know but who looks like this.
  • Also from the west is Sandy and Helen. Sandy lives in NJ and I met him on the Internet but have also met him in real life. Helen lievs in Montreal but is moving to NJ any day now.
  • Alas, total stranger Schlake will not be attending.

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