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what i do for fun

santa montage
make mix CD's one & two
go to vermont
Virgo month of leisure
trivia night
I made a little book
I drive around a lot
I went to my town auction
I went to the Brautigan Library
I saw David Eggers
I bought a printing press
near break-in story
photo essay about laundry
digging to China
Pedants Celebrate the Millenium
Welcome 2001
Why I get so many hits
Rent is Theft Parties
Clickable Map of My Old Apartment
Clickable Map of My VT House
My naked librarians page
The not-so-current Jack & Jessamyn Scrabble scores [ancient]
My Alaska Vacation in '97, in 2000 & 2001

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on the fly reference article
Spaz Solutions Web Page
My Awesome Barthelme Page
My Independent Study on Literacy
Ballard Community Analysis
Jessamyn Clearinghouse

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Ari's Soup Recipe
a thing Ari wrote
I am waiting
Machines of Loving Grace
euology for my grandma

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Donald Barthelme
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Jessamyn West

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Allan Oliver in Guatemala [a little broken]
Mom's Birthday card [ancient]
Mom's real page [mostly by her, I help]
The Tim Pages [old]
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postcard project
Alki Foundry
rose club


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