[me me me me me the seventh in a series of only vaguely helpful personalish expositions]

This seemed to be as good a way as any to make the next installment of the "about me" page. This is a web exercise stated thusly: "write 100 things about yourself in 20 minutes or less." [link] This list is the first 100 things that came to my mind when fake-forced to write about myself. I may add more contextual links over time. I apologize in advance for being somewhat dull.
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  1. I grew up in a small town.
  2. I have lived in Romania.
  3. I lived in Seattle.
  4. I stayed at college during summers
  5. Hampshire College is my alma mater, I managed to be non-traditional at this school by graduating in four years.
  6. I moved to the West coast two weeks after graduating from college.
  7. I have a masters in librarianship. I must be one of the last people to have gotten one.
  8. I have been to ten or so other countries and would like to go to more.
  9. I have driven across the country over ten times.
  10. I own three cars but only one works

  11. I own a house with a big barn attached to it in Central Vermont.
  12. I have a hard time imagining living in another state.
  13. I live in a different place than where my house is so i can have a librarian job.
  14. I live with a guy who goes to law school.
  15. Living with a guy who goes to law school is about as much fun as you think it is
  16. I am an elected at-large Councilor to the American Library Association.
  17. I have given library-related talks in the states of Idaho, Connecticut, Washington, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and in Toronto.
  18. I have a book published called Revolting Librarians Redux
  19. I work for free much more than is good for me.
  20. I think it is cool that I have given talks at MIT and Yale.

  21. The fact that I think giving talks like this for next to nothing is cool ensures that I will be able to continue doing it.
  22. Many if not most librarians are like you think they are, I am in the other group but I can't say we're worlds better.
  23. I love to read.
  24. I have a hard time eating meals if I don't have something to read -- I've been known to let my food get cold while I try to find a copy of a magazine I haven't read yet.
  25. I don't like driving in the snow and yet I decided to live 30 miles from my library job in Vermont for reasons even I don't totally understand.
  26. I can fix almost any computer problem
  27. I code most of my jessamyn.com websites by hand I just switched to Movable Type for librarian.net and I'm not sure I enjoy the loss of control I feel
  28. Yes, I am a control freak.
  29. I have dreadlocks down to my waist because I don't like to wash my hair if I can avoid it.
  30. Showers make me so cold I avoid them to whenever possible.

  31. The fact that people say "Ew, gross!" to either of the above makes me feel like I live in the wrong country sometimes.
  32. I am an every-day coffee drinker.
  33. I smoke one cigarette a day before I go to bed.
  34. My father also used to do this, though he would smoke more than one.
  35. My father has since quit, he claims.
  36. I adore my Dad but don't believe what he says.
  37. I believe my Mom more but think they both have problems with truth-telling.
  38. Me and my sister get along better than me and most of my friends.
  39. My oldest friend I have known since I was eleven.
  40. We spent New Year's Eve together.

  41. I have been in touch with most of the people I lived with my senior year of college in the past two months.
  42. I am 35.
  43. 35 is the first age I have been that seems sort of old to me.
  44. I don't worry about wrinkles, saggy breasts or grey hair.
  45. I think women who dye the grey out of their hair are generally vain and silly but there are exceptions to this.
  46. I worry about my teeth. I have bad teeth and am just this side of dental phobic.
  47. I have a small tumor in my pituitary gland that I don't think about often.
  48. I'm not afraid of death as much as I am afraid of being frightened. I have no idea what this means.
  49. I generally sleep well once I get to sleep but have a hell of a time getting to sleep. I keep earplugs by the bed and fuss with the covers for a long time
  50. I can't sleep at all if I'm cold.

  51. Bright lights feel like noise to me.
  52. I used to like rooms really dark and I moved to Seattle where it was dark all the time and got over it somewhat.
  53. I have a new exercise plan but don't kid myself about it.
  54. I tell Greg I am his "fat little girlfriend" and don't really believe it but it's not all false either.
  55. I have strange toes with very small toenails.
  56. I know how to weld and used to do sculpture welding.
  57. I send a lot of postcards in the mail, and get a lot. It's not mail art, just keeping in touch.
  58. I am arty but not in any committed way.
  59. I have had my nose pierced since college and forget and leave the nose ring in at work sometimes.
  60. I am cluttered in my bedroom but sort of anal about keeping the kitchen clean.

  61. I try hard not to watch TV but sometimes it's rough.
  62. I haven't been to a movie in a theater in maybe seven months except for the Vermont film festival.
  63. I call myself an anarchist less than I used to.
  64. I still can't get excited about two party political systems.
  65. I think every choice is political.
  66. I read a lot of books about the disabled for no reason I really understand.
  67. Greg and I talk in moon language to each other quite a lot.
  68. He is eight years younger than me, it is a non issue with us.
  69. I have had this website for a long time but in a weird metaphysical way it is also completely different than it was.
  70. I am sort of a snob about being able to code my own HTML.

  71. I live low on the food chain and try not to buy too much.
  72. I don't enjoy the extent to which I have to be part of the capitalist system and buying and selling very little is my response to that.
  73. I am a lousy gardener, so back to the land schemes are not for me.
  74. I am good at taking tests.
  75. I don't get rattled easily by normal stuff that rattles people [talking in public, rapidly changing plans, etc] but I can spaz out over weird bullshit.
  76. It's hard for me not to swear like a sailor.
  77. I have an accent that sometimes defies nailing down, I seem to like to say some words weird.
  78. Certain music and books can bring me to tears.
  79. I was married once, and now I am not married. I have very little idea where my ex-husband might be.
  80. I enjoy having a lot of friends.

  81. I am one of those people who sends you an email or a card on your birthday.
  82. I do not like to eat fish, mushrooms, eggy stuff and tomato-y stuff. Feels weird in my mouth.
  83. I am a competent cook but don't cook well with other people.
  84. I can handle a high degree of stress pretty well.
  85. Injustice sends me over the edge. I get really flippy when I think I'm not being treated fairly.
  86. Sugar puts me to sleep.
  87. Since I've lived in Vermont fulltime, my life has much less stimuli. I am slowly getting used to this.
  88. I was bi-coastal for about three or four years. It was fun but expensive.
  89. My favorite job was being the caretaker for an odd fellows hall where I got free rent. I am always looking for a free rent gig.
  90. The perfect free rent gig for me would be to live in the library that I worked in.

  91. My memory of living with both my parents is that they yelled at each other every Sunday for my entire life. While this isn't strictly true, it seems to have instilled in me a certain avoidance of yelling angry people.
  92. I worry about dying by accident.
  93. I have a mole on my butt.
  94. I got my arm broken by another kid in elementary school.
  95. I worry about the poor often.
  96. Identifying as Jewish is something I do more lately, I'm not sure why.
  97. I like dogs and cats about the same, I don't care much for fish.
  98. My voice is squeakier than I would like it to be.
  99. I wrote the next line before this one.
  100. I did not have much trouble writing this list.